The Wonderful World Of Tarot

So if you haven’t already had chance to go through My Spiritual Journey..So Far it would probably be a good idea to do so before reading on..but if not then no biggie.  Since I had my Spiritual Awakening a couple of years ago, and along with my Mediumship I had the urge and the interest to study the art of Tarot. Now, I am going to … Continue reading The Wonderful World Of Tarot

My Spiritual Journey..So Far

Warning…weird stuff going on here.. A couple of years ago, I realised that I have the gift of connecting to and receiving messages from spirit. I always wanted to believe that there was something more to life than what meets the human eye but I don’t think you can get proof unless you are able to experience the paranormal for yourself.  I’ve always had a fascination … Continue reading My Spiritual Journey..So Far

Natural Healing Shop-Distant Healing Session

This particular review isn’t on a product as such, I would call it more of a personal service or experience. I have already done a write up for the ‘Natural Healing Shop’ on healing crystals, so you might also want to give that a read.  In this review I am writing about a distant healing session I had.  Its not a straight forward easy subject for me … Continue reading Natural Healing Shop-Distant Healing Session

Crystal Healing

Keep An Open Mind… I am not religious and I know that some people think that you have to be religious to believe in all kinds of spiritual mysteries that haven’t been explained…yet. But this isn’t the case. I am actually a very strong Atheist but I have a very open mind when it comes to the possibilities of things that work with scientific theory … Continue reading Crystal Healing