How It All Started



For a while now I have been a stay at home mum, on and off work due to illness. The time came around again when I wanted to get back to it but wasn’t sure if I was ready. In the mean time I wanted something to do, a hobby if you like. I did a search with Google on how to go about blogging and decided that as I am a Beauty Therapist I might as well blog about beauty. Don’t worry guys its not all about makeup but you are welcome to skip straight to ‘The Business Bit‘  if you wish. 

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I decided that my first proper mission as a blogger/reviewer would be to find a cosmetic brush brand that was the same high quality as the big ones but at a much lower cost.  I came across a company on Ebay and purchased a brush for my comparison.  I loved it so much that I contacted the company who agreed to let me review for them. They sent me a couple of their sets and I fell in love!  This much lower cost Ebay brand were making and selling amazing quality brushes at an amazing price. I wrote up an in depth review for ‘Zoe London Brushes’, comparing them with my favourite higher end brand ‘Sigma’.

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After going public with ‘Mixxit’ on Social Media and having only a couple hundred of followers, I plucked up the courage to publish my very first review which managed to cause a bit of an unexpected stir. It turned out by nothing more than coincidence that this brand I was raving about shared their business name with someone else.  I was contacted and informed of the same name issue and asked for contact details of the company I was writing for. I quite happily gave out the information not thinking too much of it, but when I had a peek at this persons Twitter account I was mortified to see that there were numerous posts going out to a very large number of followers saying how disgusted they were about someone using their business name, but even worse than that were the posts saying that they did not want to be associated with ‘EBAY RUBBISH TAT!’ (exact words)  I was absolutely fuming and privately asked for the posts and comments to be taken down. I also made a point of educating them that just because something is sold on eBay and is an unknown brand it does not give them the right to say that it is ‘rubbish tat’

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The Business Bit (Hurray)

Now I’m no business expert but common sense tells me that most businesses and brands need to start at the bottom of the ladder and work their way up. The slanderous comments were taken down but it got me thinking, and I was actually getting really angry at the fact that just because something was being sold on eBay/Etsy or that it was an unknown brand, it was being seen as cheap rubbish! Because of this I realised that there must be so many unknown businesses out there who are offering amazing products and services but aren’t getting the praise, recognition or receiving the profits they deserve.  So I decided that I was going to put serious effort into seeking out businesses and companies of all kinds and help them to get recognised in a ‘Mixxit’ kind of way!  

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Surprisingly and very much by accident..reviewing, promoting and advertising for small businesses is now what Mixxit, Business, Products & Blogs is all about.. and I am absolutely loving it!  I’m having all kinds of amazing opportunities and meeting some wonderful people along the way. I am grateful to all of the people who have put their trust in me to review and advertise for them, who are continuing to do so and to the people I will be working with in the future.  To find out exactly how I go about helping businesses and how I can help you, then please check out my ‘What’s It All About?‘ page.. 

and I hope to hear from you soon..