Make Unique Bags-Personalised Gifts

When it comes to makeup or nails I like lots of PINK SPARKLE! so when Goy at ‘Make Unique Bags’ offered to put me on a bag and make it all PINK and SPARKLY, I was extremely excited!!..and OMG I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! (The only problem is that I love it so much I daren’t use it in case it gets damaged. But its amazing!) So here is … Continue reading Make Unique Bags-Personalised Gifts

Lilah Blue -Home Accessories And Gifts

Growing up there was absolutely nothing sentimental about my parents or the family home. There was just the three of us, mum, dad and me.  In my 32 years on this planet I think I may have heard the words ‘I love you’ from my mum once! Luckily my grandmother (my mums mum) was completely opposite and showered me with constant love and affection. I craved my … Continue reading Lilah Blue -Home Accessories And Gifts

Binky’s Trinkets- Fun And Quirky Jewellery

One of the main reasons why I am enjoying working with these small businesses so much is that I am coming across some amazing people who are making unique and quirky products that I/we would never usually come across.  The other reason is that I am getting to know the people behind the business. Rather than just seeing a label that says ‘Made In China’, I am getting to know and … Continue reading Binky’s Trinkets- Fun And Quirky Jewellery

Alicry Trinkets

Thanks to cheap jewellery and accessory shops such as Claire’s Accessories, clothes shops and even the supermarkets that now just sell about anything and everything, we don’t get to see or hear about unique pieces made by small businesses anymore.  I suppose I might sound a little old fashioned to some, but I think its really sad and a huge shame.  So I am absolutely loving the work that I’m doing … Continue reading Alicry Trinkets