Review T&Cs


Here are a few terms and conditions to go through regarding the ‘Permanent Published Reviews‘ just so that we are both on the same page.

1- If you as a business would like me to review an actual item, then the reviews are in exchange for the product. 

2- If the goods are of a high value and you would like them to be returned after the review has been published, I am more than happy to do so..however a review fee of £29.99 will be applicable.  

3- If your business doesn’t have an actual item that can be sent to me for review, for example like the ‘Mixxit’ website there will be a £29.99 review fee. 

4- If the products you would like me to review are cosmetics/makeup/skincare/health care products etc. then I will use them for a full calendar month before doing the write up. This ensures that I am able to use and experience the goods over a decent period of time.

5- Once I have written your review you will be provided with a link and a password so that you are able to read and request any editing before it is published.

6- Your review will stay on my website permanently, it will never be taken down or hidden from anyone, it will stay there for all to read and I will happily re publish on social media as and when requested, Just drop me an E-mail or message.

7- As my site is a very positive, bright and happy one, it means that I only publish positive reviews. If I don’t like a product then I wont do a negative write up, it just means that I wont be able to feature your business on my website. Of course this will be discussed privately.

8- The reviews that I feature on my website are of my own opinion and have been solely written by myself.

9- I can only offer a review for a business/product if I have enough content and information to write about.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to Contact Me